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New here

2011-04-22 20:42:20 by KazumiRita

Hello my name is Rita... pleased to meet you (whoever reads this xDD)
I'm 15 and trying to improve my art skills :) so far what I've done is good but not for me, if I want a future in the "art industry" as a comic publisher if possible. It rather seems the easiest <:/
And as such I like to get criticism for my work to see if my practice is giving "fruits" (hmm this sentence makes more sense in Portuguese :/).
So I shall upload as many art as I can to get criticism and see what I can change about my style...
Thank you for your attention <3

New here


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2011-04-22 20:47:36

The pic reminds me of Kingdom Hearts.

KazumiRita responds:

Now that you mention it... it does 8D


2011-04-22 20:50:42

Your art looks fine. Really the best tips for art are as much attention to detail as possible, realistic proportions and positions, as original as possible and smooth lines and shading.

KazumiRita responds:

Thank you, but sometimes it is not enough, I must practice more. Because I usually see people who don't train and have no future for what they wish...

But still thank you ^^


2011-04-22 21:06:42

yeah looks like the sister of sora

KazumiRita responds:

You mean looks like Sora's sister... ^^;
Well, I did not create Red, I only followed the design.


2011-04-23 00:00:33

I found it best to just find some people who has features in there art that you like and would contribute to your style. Take some from them and fuse together to make yours better. And compare your to theirs to see what you should change.
To be honest I dont see anything to comment on about this but its awesome and...
Ever After!!!! WOOT!!!!!!

KazumiRita responds:

Thank you for the tip

Thank you <3 EVER AFTER FTW!! 8D